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How exciting today was

I finally got accepted into the National Consumer Panel and received my scanner today! I highly recommend you go check out the site. They are constantly expanding their areas. You receive a scanner to scan all items you purchase, even down to a cup of coffee from dunkin donuts or hey even starbucks! Every time you scan a item and send it in you are earning rewards to be cashed in for awesome things!


As far as my kids, they are doing awesome in school! Hope of course she is doing way better in math. Now they on to spelling test. She is doing really well with that. Meghan (my daughter with adhd/odd) is even doing better also! She has had a smiley face in her planner every day. I am so proud of her. I was really concerned that this was going to be another bad year for her. But I did what her pediatrician suggested. He told me to just express my concerns with her teacher before hand. He also said that if something happens that she still isn’t any better then we will start her on meds. But so far so good! I believe the teacher she has is doing great with her. I recommend that every parent should talk to the teachers and express their feelings and concerns. Don’t worry, that is what the teachers are there for.



School is back in session and I’m being lazy…..

Yes I know it has been quite some time since I have last posted. It seems to be a reoccurrence with me. Hopefully I wont make it a habit. So anyways it has been the usual. You know the usual meaning school shopping, work and so forth. Well now it will be just school and no work… Yes I said that right no work. Unfortunately I had to resign do to some personal issues and because of availability too. But it will be ok, some times things happen.

So school is back in session. That means finally I can have some peace and quiet. Oh wait nope, my adorable 2 year old is here. But still it is some what calmer. My daughter with ADHD/ODD seems to be doing quite good so far. I had a nice talk with her teacher before hand. So that way she isn’t left in the dark. Also so she doesn’t think something god awful lol. My oldest daughter is taking to 2nd grade like a duck to water. I never really have to worry about her. 

What about you all? How are your children handling the change back to school? Did you have a tremendous school supply list you had to get? Please do tell!  

Interesting day in my house

Normally I like to do a Tuesday Tip post, but I changed my mind. Today has been a pretty decent day. Not one person in my house can say otherwise.
Which is pretty good.

This morning started off with my oldest daughter going to school. Came home to fix breakfast for everyone, then get ready to head back out again. Next stop on the agenda was to Huntersville for a follow up on middle daughter’s sleep study. He said everything was fine other then the fact she has a form of apnea for kids. She snores, which then wakes her up and keeps her from following going into dream step. This is causing her to be sleepy and irritable throughout the day. So know he wants us to see a ear, nose and throat doctor to see if she needs to get her tonsils taken out so she has a more open airway. He feels if she sleeps better that it will keep some of her adhd issues in check.

Rest of the evening was fine other then trying to fix supper in the middle of a war. There was nerf darts zipping past my head and butt constantly. So now its bed time for me seeings that I have to be at work at 4am.

My daughter’s sleep study

My daughter ended up having a sleep study done last night. That was very interesting to watch and experience. For only being 4 years old, she did very well being hooked up with all those wires. Of course with her being the patient, she got the queen size bed and i was stuck with the twin.

I have realized that she is a very restless person at night. She thrashed and moaned. So of course the sleep tech was running in and out of our room every few hours fixing the wires….which means i was getting hardly any sleep. After all was said and done she made it through the night. Very proud of her, not many kids could have done it.

The reason behind her having the study, was because of her adhd. A neurologist she seen said studies have shown that kids with adhd are very likely to have sleep problems. So if you live around the area i do, I highly recommend Sleep Well in Huntersville, nc. Very professional and polite. Plus the tech was very nice to my daughter.

sleep study and ADHD info

Meghan’s assessment

Meghan had her screening done the other day at her pediatrician. From what myself and the preschool teacher put down on the paperwork, She scored high on ODD and ADHD. I wasn’t surprised on the ADHD, but the ODD was a different story. I had no idea what it was.

The doctor explained all the symptoms and it fit her to a T. I’ve always known since she was three that there was something wrong with her. I just didn’t want to believe it. So now I’m waiting on the Dr to get Meghan a appt with the neurologist so they can do further testing.

The Dr believes Meghan could benefit from medicine but because of her age she may have to wait. They would like to try therapy first, I don’t care what they try as long as she gets better. She is having a lot of issues in school right now and she isn’t able to learn like she should.

Trouble in preschool paradise.

So my darling Meghan created havoc in preschool yesterday. The teacher called while I was at work and it was not good at all. Meghan was running around smacking the teacher and not listening. Not to mention she shoved her way in the line then sat down on the floor and would not get up. Needless to say the teacher had to carry her back to the classroom.

Go figure my middle child will be the trouble maker. But truth be told I honestly think Meghan has behavioural issues that are out of her control. Which means I’m having her tested for adhd. Not to long ago I found out her dad has it to.


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